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We own our self-develop app with a large number of users in Europe and the US. By leveraging our traffic, you can provide greater control over the ad inventory, improve the user experience, ensure brand safety, and deliver targeted advertising. In our platform, you can easily reach a large and diverse audience, buy and manage ad campaigns more efficiently, target specific audiences, and gain greater transparency into the ad buying process.

Jumpy Wheels!

There is a severe drought in the village and the battle to save the village begins! Control the ball through various obstacles to the next level, you can get the precious water resources.

Jumpy Wheels!
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Jumpy Wheels!

Highly Entertaining

Easy to operate, tap your finger to start the journey.

Increasing Difficulty

Test your skill to enjoy the joy of success.

Activating Mind

Improving creative and responsive skills.

Simple Graphics

Easier to focus your attention.

Rent Business Tycoon

Ready to become a property tycoon? At Rent Business Tycoon, you can build your own real estate empire. Build a fortune through your wits and hire professional managers to manage your estate. Here, everything is possible.

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Rent Business Tycoon
Rent Business Tycoon

Free to play

There is no charge for this game, so you can easily enjoy building your wealth.

Addictive gameplay

Accumulate more wealth every day by renting out properties and then buying more.

Collect income even be offline

Humanized settings that automatically help you build up your income when you are offline.

No internet connection needed

Game that can be played without internet access.

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