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Mega ADs Support Team

Maximize your monetization with our advertising marketplace.

Our Services

Our Advantages

Mega advertising operating platform

Data-driven Approach

Use data analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize in real time.

Integration with multiple channels

Enable integrated with SEO marketing channels to create cohesive marketing strategy.

Real-time Bidding

Allowing for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Targeting Options

Including demographic, behavioral, contextual, and location-based targeting.

Our Story

Mega Office


Our co-founder, Chris had always been fascinated by the world of technology, so it was no surprise when he joined Microsoft straight out of college. But after a few years, he found himself yearning for something more dynamic and challenging. That's when he made the bold decision to leave Microsoft and venture into the programmatic advertising industry.


With his expertise and leadership skills, Chris was able to assemble a team of core technical cadres to help him launch a new business. Most of the trading platforms on the market had problems of data privacy, transaction transparency, and ad security. Chris was determined to create a more professional and reliable platform that could solve these issues.


To address this issue, he implemented rigorous data protection measures, including encryption and strict access controls. Then MEGA INTERACTIVE was born and Chris is already thinking about new ways to leverage technology to make programmatic advertising even more effective.

Ready to find out more?

Have you noticed a decrease in traffic to your website or a drop in potential sales? Having a hard time finding your website online? Or do you need to develop new business faster for the new website just built? Then you need a professional SEO team to solve all this confusion.

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